Our Mission Statement 


Are you looking for a fair fee with a local real estate agent, including first class marketing, proven negotiation skills and a track record of sales? 

STOP paying exorbitant commission fees. Sell confidently with a well-known, full-service local agent combined with a wealth of experience in your local area. 


Our service 

All of our agents have a history of success and take great pride in their negotiation skills to help you achieve the highest price. We understand selling is very stressful and that you are trusting us to sell the biggest asset you have. Our good old-fashioned communication skills throughout the sale combined with technology-driven tools ensure you are taken care of with a first-class service at a fair price from start to finish. 


Top Quality Marketing 

Marketing plays a hugely important role in reaching enough of the right buyers to create competition and drive the selling price upwards. We will always put a great deal of thought into providing your home with the best possible marketing tools and offer choice to suit your individual needs for the best outcome. Just needs to be expanded with make the content more interesting. 

Ie: benefits or REA premier plus, benefits of using domain for interstate attractions.  Other agencies might offer FREE basic marketing, but it’s not free. You are paying for it in your high commission. 



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