Nicole Wotherspoon

Director- Co Founder

About me

Growing up watching my dad renovate, giving long hours of blood, sweat and
many cuts along the way made me see the true value of the $$$ from a very
early age and respect how hard it is to secure one’s future through property and
investment transactions from a working-class background.
Loving everything real estate. I still get that pure enjoyment from a seller and
buyer making a happy transition that allows them to move to the next chapter of
their lives. I live, eat, breathe and dream real estate…..
I attribute my success to my core values that there is a better, smarter way to
transact real estate in today’s market space. Placing high regard on my client’s
needs so their journey is tailored from beginning to end. My business has grown
successfully and continually thanks to repeat business from word of mouth and
first-hand referrals from happy sellers and buyers. Connecting on a real level of
the everyday physiological journey and the emotions that come from both sides
of the fence “its always a different journey” for each individual!
Winning Top 2 agent for 2021 on Rate My Agent for my local area and being part
of a team wining Top 3 for Queensland only reenforces her commitment to
selling for 1% commission to deliver a first class result that is all about working
for our vendors.
Highly regarded in the industry area as a quality, agent who will go the extra mile
to achieve a happy result. I like to win (for my clients) but do so with a calm
demeanour and an enthusiastic smile. When I’m not working you will most likely
find me out on the water with my husband and family as I love the pleasure life
gives from simple things. Boating, canoeing, jet sking and fishing with the kids.
My client deserves the full service and attention that only an experienced agent
can deliver. Understanding you’re not just another number. That ‘THIS’ sale
matters. At Fair Commission we aim to deliver a first-class result with a realistic
cost to the everyday consumer. Why Pay More!!